In order to help you feel more confident in the video production world, we will tell you about main types of videos.

Not everyone knows that a high-quality video is not made overnight – the production process may take up to several weeks, and sometimes even months. It includes a lot of stages. But most of us face video commercials every day because it is most widespread and effective way to promote products.

Types of video clips:

Live Action Commercial Clip

The main type of commercial broadcasting, as well as ad blocks before screening in movie theaters, is live action video. The key element of such video clips is actors. As a rule, a live action clip has a plot, film set, properties etc. The main feature of this type is a short running time. The clips are normally up to a minute, during which the viewer should be told a story that can successfully present a commodity that will stick in their minds. Read more >>

Non- live action Commercial Clip

Non-live action video clips are becoming more and more popular. The fundamental distinction from a live action clip is the absence of actors. People in this case are replaced by complex production shots, special effects (slow motion), graphics, 2D and 3D animation. Read more >>

Presentation Movie

Rephrasing a popular quotation, we can say that a presentation has long been a means of company promotion rather than a luxury. A presentation clip allows a company to communicate with its clients and potential consumers as well as business partners and investors. Making such a video is a more time-consuming process than shooting a regular commercial due to a long running time (2 – 3 to 10 – 15 minutes), and also on account of graphics and animation. Read more >>

Music Video

Music clip is a short video clip accompanying a song. The key role belongs to the song, which determines a video set. This is why editing is an important part in the process of making the music video, it should be dynamic and tightly connected with the music. Read more >>

Viral Clip

In the age of the Internet, a new product promotion method emerged in the advertising industry, called, the “virus”. A viral clip is a video with an extraordinary and interesting plot that spreads over the Internet and gets thousands of views, reposts and likes. Read more >>

News Item

From a production viewpoint, a news item and a commercial clip have a lot in common: both require writing a screenplay, dialogues, searching for actors, location. A news item is usually required when it is necessary to cover a particular event. The point is not only to show the event but also to tell about it. Read more >>

Additional services offered by FAZA:

Video Shooting

Our company has high-tech equipment allowing us to make a first-class quality video. For shooting we use digital camera RED, wich has long approved itself in Hollywood. Cameramen of such directors as Peter Jackson, David Fincher and Ridley Scott use RED cameras. Due to a high definition (4k) and a big dynamic range, material from this camera is very flexible to edit, allowing to make a high-level color correction and framing. We also have the world smallest movie camera Blackmagic 4K, monitor & recorder Odyssey 7Q (4K RAW) and high speed camera Sony recording up to 480 frames per second and allowing to archieve a slow motion effect.

Aerial Photography

Our company’s arsenal includes an octocopter, a remote control helicopter allowing to shoot high-quality video from the air. Before that we had to rent a real helicopter (approx. 60,000 rubles/hour), but now that we have such a device, the aerial shooting has become much easier.

2D and 3D graphics, animation

Special effects are aimed to draw viewer’s attention, entertaine and impress. Besides, special effects make possible for us to show what is difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to shoot in real life, like explosions of large objects or “talking” animals. Graphics and animation are especially in popular in production of presentation movies, where information in digits (inforgraphics) should be presented in a good-looking and effective way.