Expedition to the south of Primoriye


In September 2013 the crew of the video studio «FAZA» went on the expedition to the south of Primorskiy Krai. For two days the team drove more than 200 kilometers on four SUVs. Among other things, they covered Bruce’s Cape and Gamow’s Cape, the subjects of our program.

The project team:

Director: Alexander Fatkulin
Program host: Konstantin Beletskiy
Film crew: Alexey Zvontsov, Vadim Shadrin Alexey Burtsev
Octocopter Pilot: Dmitriy Dvorko
Chef: Kristina Mazur
Installation: Vadim Shadrin
Correction: Danil Sigidin
Graphics: Sergey Akulyonok

Learn more about the shooting here.

Company «FAZA» is very grateful to Felix Sannikov for the opportinity to create unique shots from the helicopter and hospitality and to Alexey Burtsev — for his great contribution to the expedition, participation and assistance in the shooting.

Company «FAZA» thanks the administration of the Far Eastern Marine Biosphere Reserve DVO RAN, for assistance in the organizing of the filming.