About us

Video production “FAZA” specializes on production of commercial ads, corporate movies, 2D and 3D graphics. We offer full video production cycle which includes scene writing, location scouting, casting, preproduction, production and postproduction services.
Located in Vladivostok, we produce video for the whole Far East of Russia and provide various production services for the western russian and international partners.

Here is a glimpse of what we do:

The latest trends in creating big infrastructural projects in Far East are presented in our portfolio by the following videos:

1) Special Economic Zone (SEZ) — (Industrial production Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Vladivostok which was based on automobile factory MazdaSollers. The video was made in a very short time and with minimal resources.)

2) Dalzavod-Terminal (New Dalzavod-Terminal CJSC specializes in container cargoes handling. Shootings took place during several seasons to show all possibilities of the terminal).

3) Far Eastern Energy Management Company (Video describes the 14 projects in Far East total estimate about 90 billions rubles.)

4) PAKS: Hotels of Croatia and Montenegro (Series of presentational videos for one of the leading Russian tour companies where we showed the beauty of Croatia and Montenegro.)

Diverse projects

Artemy Lebedev Expedition (Balkans; South-Eastern Europe):

In 2012 our production team participated in ethnographic expedition of Artemy Lebedev to Balkans where we had an opportunity to capture scenic streets of Serbia, Albania, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Rumania.

In September 2012, our production team created a short video about the fireworks show at the APEC summit, which afterwards was used in documentary of National Geographic about Russia with Vinnie Jones as a leading actor (Vinnie Jones: Russia’s Toughest).

The Dakar video

In 2014 our cameraman Alexey Zvontsov visited South America where he was filming videos for The Dakar Rally along with well-known Russian blogger Sergey Dolya. During several weeks their production team covered over 10,000km through Chili, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Алексей Звонцов (на фото справа) и Сергей Доля на «Ралли Дакар-2014» 

Movie production

Our team grabs every opportunity to participate in movie production. We have a handful of experiences with Russian, American, and UK moviemakers, however the most time we’ve spent with our Japanese friends when we took part in production of three movies:

“Seventh Code (Sebunsu Kodo)” from Kiyoshi Kurosawa (award on Rome Film Festival), “Human Trust (Jinrui Shikin)” from Junji Sakamoto, and “The Back Horn” (named after Japanese rock band) from Kazuyoshi Kumakiri.

As you can see, the distance is no longer an issue for our beneficial collaboration. Despite being located in Vladivostok, thanks to Internet we can now cooperate with the whole world. Furthermore, at our disposal we have ocean, mountains, forests, and much more resources that can be found in Primorsky region, as well as the charm of “old Vladivostok”: historic buildings built by the Japanese, and the narrow streets, “untouched by time.” Because of rich nature and unusual architecture Primorsky region often becomes a movie set for documentary and fiction films.

Despite the fact that the cost of advertisement production in the Far East is lower than in Moscow, the quality is equal if not better than the capital’s. The level is constantly growing because we strive to achieve the quality of world’s top video production companies.