FAZA: production of advertisment for TV and movie theatres, documentary, presentation
and corporate movies, as well as music videos and photographs. The company has its own production facilities for making high-quality videos.

The most popular type of television advertising. Live action commercial clip always has a plot, actors, film set, props etc. The main feature of live action clips is a short running time (normally up to one minute).

The fundamental difference from live action videos is the absence of actors. In this case people are replaced by complex production video shots, special effects (slow motion), 2D and 3D graphics and animation.

Company’s specialty. It fully demonstrates all the advantages of products or services. A presentation clip helps a company to communicate with its clients and potential consumers as well as business partners and investors.

Music video may be presented either as a sequence of beautiful shots, or as a short movie with a clear storyline, actors, properties etc.

Viral clip is a video with an extraordinary plot that rapidly spreads over the Internet and gets thousands of views, reposts and likes.

News item is a video narration. It is usually required when it’s necessary to cover a particular event.